Chair Yoga -- Private Classes

Chair yoga is considered one of the gentlest forms of yoga. There
are no strenuous or complex movements in this class. Chair yoga,
as it is taught at Womyn’s Path of Healing, provides for an
empowering experience no matter what your health concerns may
be.  It is most suitable for anyone who is uncomfortable with floor
positions , and for people  with chronic ailments such as
Fibromyalgia or Arthritis.
It is my goal to work with you in ways that support you and
empower you!

**Each class is tailored to your individual needs and comfort**

If you are uncertain about what chair yoga entails, please email me
or phone me with your questions.

Set of six pre-paid 45 min classes - $ 60.00 -- or
Set of twelve pre-paid 45 min classes - $ 110.00

Set of six pre-paid 60 min classes - $ 70.00 -- or
Set of twelve pre-paid 60 min classes - $125.00

Set of six pre-paid 90 min classes - $ 90.00 -- or
Set of twelve pre-paid 90 min classes - $ 165.00

For your appointment please
or call

If you are unsure which service is right for you, I invite you to schedule
a free of charge 30 min consultation session. This consultation session
can be scheduled via phone or email
Womyn's Path of Healing Wellness Sanctuary
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Healing Yoga Mudras -- Private Classes

Yoga Mudra is generally known as Yoga for the hands and the
Mudras are best described as hand positions. Hand gestures and
positions are a part of everyday lives, intuitively used throughout
the day, and intricately affecting our energy level.
Through learning about the Mudras and their applications, we can
appreciate how each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a
specific part of the brain. A Mudra locks and guides energy flow and
reflexes to the brain, and Mudras can be performed at any time in
any way, like sitting, standing, or walking.
During your Yoga Mudra Class, you can explore this healing art
while the hand positions are modified to comfort level. Not only
does this allow for you to experience the powerful healing
applications of the Mudras but it also encourages hand and finger
flexibility through gentle and consistent practice.
Yoga Mudra sessions require focus and present an opportunity to
explore a highly disciplined way of inner work. Yoga Mudra classes
offer a most exquisite and different way of embracing yoga and
healing. This type of class is truly unique and one of a kind!

Per one 70 min class - $25 .00 - or
Set of six pre-paid 70 min classes - $ 108.00 -- or
Set of twelve pre-paid 70 min classes - $ 190.00

If you are a Reiki practitioner I invite you to see details on
Mudras Workshop for Reiki practitioners

Client Testimonials

I came to Gabriela over a year
ago with severe Arthritis and  
Fibromyalgia pain. I've
progressed from reflexology
to massage and am now doing
my second chair yoga
I have to admit I was pretty
skeptical that chair
yoga would be challenging or
even effective.
I'm completely amazed that I
make progress every week.
My mobility has increased and
I've gone from not being
able to raise my arms above
my shoulders to being able to
do a warrior pose. I get better
each week, the change is not
subtle it's visible. The best
thing about chair yoga is
literally anyone can do it no
matter what your mobility
level is. And Gabriela is a
caring and gentle coach.
I highly recommend chair
yoga for anyone.
-Bonny Ross, Comox

I enjoy taking the chair yoga
classes with Gabriela at
Womyn’s Path of
Healing.  Gabriela gears each
class towards my own
personal challenges.
I learn the correct breathing,
balance, meditation and
stretches, all while
either sitting on or standing
next to a chair.  At the end of
the class I feel
relaxed yet energized and
ready for the day ahead.  I do
not have the room at home to
do the conventional yoga and
I find chair yoga targets all the
same muscles while using
less space.  Definitely a form
of exercise anyone
can do – from the physically
fit to someone with limited
movements due
to illness or age.  I Love it!  
-Connie Ritchie, C.R.

Yoga practise ties together meditation and breathing exercises and serves
as yet another tool on the stress management journey as it greatly benefits body, mind and spirit.
Specifically, research shows that yoga may be beneficial in managing anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, stress and
many other conditions. Yoga exercises do not have to be complex and strenuous to be effective.
There is no "one fits all" approach as there are many different styles of Yoga and it is well
worth exploring the choices.
Yoga and meditation are wonderful and effective tools toward a deeper understanding
of one’s health and well-being on all levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual. These practises
encourage a sense of self-worth and  they also call for self-responsibility.  Ultimately, these stress
management tools are incredibly self-empowering because they allow us to manage and control
different emotional states in healthy ways – as opposed to destructive and self-sabotaging ways.
Most importantly, they encourage the process of transformation; a process that must start from within.
In order to assure maximum support and attention, all Yoga classes are private, one-on-one, classes.
Small group classes (maximum of 3 participants) can be accommodated upon request
Member of the

-Canadian Yoga Alliance-
Registered Certified Yoga Teacher and
Mudra Yoga Therapist
(CYA-E-RYT 500)

Registered Teacher Training School
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Womyn's Path of Healing
Wellness Sanctuary
is now also a Canadian
Yoga Alliance
Registered Teacher
Training School (with
focus on Senior Women's
health and well-being)

All graduates may register as
individual yoga teachers with
a certificate from this school.
Graduates may also apply for
insurance as individual yoga
teachers (in Canada).

For their members, the
Canadian Yoga Alliance also
recognises many workshops
and classes taught at
Womyn's Path of Healing as
Continuing Education courses
Emotional Stress Release Yoga for Women

A gentle and yet powerful application of yoga that utilises
techniques of mindful movement and mindful breathing. The yogic
movement sequences during your session are gentle and for
anyone who is comfortable with floor positions.
The integration of mindful movements, meditation, and breathing
techniques allow for effective emotional stress management, and
may support you on your journey toward healing from trauma and
At our sanctuary, you will always find support and encouragement
on your healing journey. Give yourself the gift of exploring mindful
movement and mindful breathing in a safe and nurturing

one 60 min class - $ 20.00 -- or
Set of six pre-paid 60 min classes - $ 70.00 -- or
Set of twelve pre-paid 60 min classes - $ 125.00
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