Womyn's Path of Healing Wellness Sanctuary
~Healing Meditation
Certified Meditation Instructor -
Registered with the International
Meditation Teachers Association

Your Journey toward calm self-reflection and self-empowerment

There are many different styles of meditation, and some are traditional
and other meditation styles are more flexible.
Some meditations are associated with specific spiritual paths and some
have nothing to do with spirituality. In essence, there is no one-fits-all
approach. Meditation is as individual as we are and when you find the
mediation style that resonates with you, the health benefits can be

Some of these benefits might include…

• Reduction of stress in your life
• Greater sense of calm
• More clarity of thought
• A sense of physical, mental & emotional wellbeing
• Better sleep
• Increased motivation

As with all services provided at Womyn's Path of Healing,
meditation sessions are created with your unique
personality, concerns, goals, and values in mind
. In a safe,
supporting and nurturing environment, your guided
meditation sessions take you to an open, accessible space
of non-judgemental self-reflection and deep sense of calm.

Pre-Paid Package of 5 Meditation Sessions
(allow approximately 45 minutes per session)
$ 50.00

Pre-Paid Package of 10 Meditation Sessions
$ 90.00

~Heal your heart and make meditation an essential part
of your healing journey~
For your appointment please
or call

I have suffered from migraines for 30 years, and
am now in my early
40's.   After the frequency began to increase from
yearly, monthly, to weekly,  and despite
constantly higher doses of medication, I knew I
had to do something differently.  
The day after my last migraine, I started my
meditation sessions with Gabriela.  
It has been three months, and I have not had a
single migraine since.  
The tools I was given allowed me to take back my
health and have provided
true relief - mind, body and soul.
Thank you, Gabriela!

I would like to thank you, Gabriela, for your kind
support and attention. You have a way of
explaining things that made us feel at ease.
Your meditation program is a great place to begin.
I have learned a lot and I am definitely encouraged
to keep my meditation practice going beyond this
I really enjoyed the insight into what a meditation
can do for me and I highly recommend your class.
Ginette G.

I very much enjoyed our Meditation Classes.
Through Yoga I knew a lot about the breathing but
in our  Meditation Classes I learned so much more
that I didn't know.
For my age I feel very well but with Meditation I
will feel more positive and be able to stay on top of
any little aches and pains that may creep up.
Thanks for everything, Gabriela
Take Care,
Hella N.
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